i've been feeling things i have not felt in a long time (demos)

by Apricot Blush

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i've mainly been trapped in a house while it snowed so i chose to face things ive been avoiding and this is the result. these are demos, not to be taken seriously.


released January 1, 1996



all rights reserved


Apricot Blush Greenville, South Carolina

Apricot Blush is a surreal, indie folk project including

Jackson Wise,

Sydney Sokoloff,
Mike Robbins,
Grant Wolken,
Jonah Terry,
Dan Fetterolf,
Wesley Heaton,
Rivers Farmer,
Brandon Gallagher,
Luke Waldrop,
Sydney Albertson,
i don't know anymore
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Track Name: canvas
what bones could i break to brush to my teeth?
what house could i burn to quiet the suddenlys?
i never liked carnations until i heard them breath
i'd give you an ocean if i could learn how to speak

you are a goddamn poet, i am illiteracy
but i will try my best to become everything that you need

id erase my whole body to let you write on me -
fake tattoos and memories, id let them be
you can write novels in my skin that i would forever read
i will be your canvas if you let me
Track Name: into me, into me
Goddamn this bed sink into me
Youll never have to worry again
He can take all the houses that you’ve left
Burning with smoke that is filling up your chest
You can erase the scene and black out instead
Sink into me

You can run, run run, run

Goddamn this bed sink into me
We can build the heaven you believed
When you were a kid, where has the innocence gone to sleep
Pull out the dead in me
And let the children yell and say
This is me this is I this is who I want to be
Sink into me
This is who I want to be
Sink into me