Apricot Blush (ST)

by Apricot Blush

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j0ngen This is my personal favorite work I've found on this platform so far. With a strong concept throughout, Apricot Blush takes you on a swelling dark indie folk odyssey. With compelling melodies, and lyrics that hold no punches Jackson Wise and crew bring forth an immensely powerful debut leaving you wanting more. Favorite track: rebirth.
Jonah Terry
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Jonah Terry A complete idea with clear and interesting lyrical themes perfectly executed over beautifully done surreall folk with incredible performances from everyone involved. Favorite track: antlers.
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This started as a conceptual album about the journey into celibacy + the struggles that come along with that but it turned into something beautiful with friends (Sydney Sokoloff, Mike Robbins, and Grant Wolken). The lyrical content is true to its original purpose excluding the song "antlers" and "bad, bad dream" which are based on very obscure dreams i've had recently. It's mainly focused on the trials of being a young adult with a high sex drive and trying to fight that nature in order to grow further in my relationship with a higher power. This branched off into different topics such as the idea that we (as humans) are not as far into evolution as we thought we were, and how several aspects of human life are still primal. We should not view ourselves as some godly creatures who are so much higher than other animals. The writing process for this album was very therapeutic and i achieved my goal of maintaining a healthy view regarding sex and self esteem toward the end of finishing the album.

thank so, so very much to everyone who listens and supports me. Bless you.

Jackson Wise - singing saw, vox, drums, guitar, bass
Syd Sokoloff - Vox on tracks 1, 3, 5, and 6.
Mike Robbins - guitar on tracks 5 and 6.
Grant Wolken - guitar on track 10.

Thank you to Westley and Dan for letting me borrow their drums, thanks @blaxix for helping with the album art, thank you Duncan for forgetting about your recording device, shoutout to Jake, jonah, kirsten, val, molly, gluten girl, Mike, ashlyn, the strawberry boy, and everyone else who supported this project.

please don't fucking rape people


released December 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Apricot Blush Greenville, South Carolina

Apricot Blush is a surreal, indie folk project including

Jackson Wise,

Sydney Sokoloff,
Mike Robbins,
Grant Wolken,
Jonah Terry,
Dan Fetterolf,
Wesley Heaton,
Rivers Farmer,
Brandon Gallagher,
Luke Waldrop,
Sydney Albertson,
i don't know anymore
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Track Name: aimless river, forever
why don't we castrate the bodies and procreate the seas?
why do you expect me to talk when you know i don't have teeth?
We are only eating flowers, can we please go back to bed?
We can speak through our lips but we breath between our legs

you are an elegy to be analyzed instead of providing
a shelter for the glory boys in bed
we are animals in nature but there is no excuse for this -
we are so much more than semen, we are a pure abyss

did you?
to turn the lights off?
Track Name: rebirth
this body lies, i need to shelter.
i'm an old forgotten wood, i need to protect her

the newspaper screams until we cant speak at night
i need a release from this body so i can kill - the second me
and finally die

when it's all said and done, we can grow daisies in debris
Track Name: antlers
I am afraid that you’ll cut my head off
And glue it to the ceiling.
Last night I threw up on the freeway
Don’t act surprised when you realize this is a fabricated scene

When there are pieces of windows in my throat I’ll be happy
When thousands of people drive by and feel disgust
From my body – I will all spill out on the pavement
Please disregard me I’m just following my dreams
I’m so happy

You can keep these scars for as long as you need it
And you can keep my heart God knows you need it
I’m happy I SWEAR for tomorrow is not coming!
And neither will I ever again!

I choose to be happy, I choose to be upset
We sin, we lie, we make our nests
I want to be a star, I want to be the best, I’m so happy
Track Name: sylvia / salvia
stuck in my head like a rapture of greed -
stuck in me.
i come in threes.
i come in threes.
like you know, i get old x3
leave me be with my prozac dreams
because i've got a fever of 103
Track Name: it's cold & i'm a human being
tell me no human is perfect - i want control. i want control.
i don't want to want anything.

la la la la la, everythings cool.
la la la la la, everythings fine.

i don't want to see, here's my knife -
will you cut into me so i can live in the night?
i am so lonely by my side.
if only the museum was closed

i could sleep at night.
Track Name: ignore me
are you coming? can i stop now
are you coming? is it too late to take it back
i don't want any part of this anymore,
i am disgust, i am nothing.
Track Name: prelude
fighting nature was the worst decision i've ever made.

worse than tying nooses, worse than loving you a second time.
and, for all those days i felt like shit for my own make i had nothing to blame except these dreams where i wake up in a can surrounded by faulty skin and a man who would do anything to save, is he me? a man who tear the skin off anyone else except himself, please stop these dreams.
Track Name: bad, bad dream
i cut into me on the behalf of people living lifeless
i grabbed his empty skull and bashed his fucking head
into thousands of people (lifes own fruit)
i am (disgust)
(wake up)
we are the light - we are the skull.
Track Name: i want to be a cloud
one day i will finally be a home.
i'll never have to worry again about what others
think of me.
i want to be a cloud i don't want to be me.
i will be a house of brick eventually.

this is the day when i will stop thinking about them
and finally build my own home.
this is the day when i will realize this body is a temple
and finally build my home.
Track Name: baby's breath
the guitar is the male body, the saw is the female body.